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Philosophy 1

Truly caring about our customers & a belief in less processed foods, sustainability & locally produced food. With our line of sweet and savory foods, we put a healthy spin on foods of convenience. We addressed the alarming growth of Celiac disease by introducing tasty, gourmet Gluten Free products. While the company is indeed our livelihood and “puts food on the table”, it is our passion to spread the food gospel.

Healthy Natural

Early on, we felt that our original vision
didn’t achieve our goal of having wholesome meals accessible daily to your family. The belief in the importance of nurturing your palate with our preservative free, artisan food products remained strong. So we decided to expand our reach and developed a separate series of cooking classes for both kids & adults. Our ultimate goal? Empower a cadre of amateur chefs with an expanded array of culinary skills and an increased knowledge base of healthy food preparations. While we no longer offer the cooking classes for kids, our intimate classes for adults have been going strong for 7+ years and offer people a chance to reconnect with friends & their local community.

Philosophy 2
The time has come to change the poor eating habits of most Americans & we strive to
make Fuel for the Soul a small part of the solution. In hewing to our credo, we aim to fuel
your soul with wholesome, real food. Let the adventure begin. And remember to buy local, support recycling & eat all of your peas!