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Summer has arrived and we're on the precipice of the annual 4th of July celebration! This marks a drastic change of affairs for Fuel for the Soul for now & the future.

We have completely shuttered our line of food products being sold in the markets of the Treasure Valley & Wood River Valley. And shortly, as of Thursday August 16, 2018, we will also cease offering our unique brand of cooking classes.

So what's up? After 8 years, we've decided to hang up our cleats and transition to our new home base in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. While this means we won't have any more cooking classes in Boise, it doesn't spell the end of Fuel for the Soul. We will keep our same website address, although the look of our website will change during 2019 to more of a travel & food blog. In addition to keeping tabs on our global travels and worldly eating sprees, we'll also feature information on the two different "adventure" trips we'll be offering.

First off, we'll be continuing our Winter Ski Trips in Cortina d'Ampezzo. In fact, interest in our 2019 week-long ski trips, our 8th annual offering, was so intense we upped the number of trips from 2 to 4. So Tiziana will be skiing for a solid month in the Dolomiti of Italy during the Winter of 2019. Lots of returning clients/friends, as well as plenty of folks making the trek for the 1st time. Our intent is to keep these trips going for as long as there is interest in our doing so. Information on the ski trips will be posted on this website, our Facebook page and sent out to those on our mailing list.

In the Summer of 2020, we hope to launch a "warm weather" version of our ski trips. Well no skiing per se, but lots of varied adventures await those looking to explore the Italian Alps in the late summer or early fall. Based out of the family run Rifugio Duca d'Aosta, which is a mountain lodge, the intent is to craft a week-long trip that will include day hikes in the Dolomiti, wildlife viewing, optional mountain biking throughout kilometers of incredible trails and a new version of cooking classes. We'll have 1 or 2 days where we'll go into town & shop for the day's lunch or dinner meals and then all assemble in the large commercial kitchen of the Rifugio to prepare that particular meal under the tutelage of Tiziana. Also looking to incorporate trips to the Veneto region for Prosecco tasting and possibly to an olive orchard where you can pick some olives and press your own bottle of olive oil. Over the coming months, we'll be refining the itinerary for these very special guided summer/fall trips. So once again, stay tuned as information on these new summer/fall trips unfold.

We look forward to staying connected with all of you and hopefully having some of you join us in Italy for more unique Fuel for the Soul adventures. Please be sure to “LIKE” our page when you check us out on Facebook. And while we'll have less of a presence in Boise on a daily basis, this special City of Trees will remain a most special place for us & one that will remain on our travel circuit over the coming years of being full fledged empty-nester world travelers! To exploration and great eating!! Buon Appetito e Buon Viaggio!!!