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Winter is in it's waning days and in 3 weeks spring will officially arrive! Fortunately Mother Nature has not yet bestowed upon us anything like the frigid cold, ice & snow of 2017. While it's been great to be outside more and much easier to get around this year, it sure would be nice if the mountains saw a bit more snow in these last weeks of winter. I'd sure hate to see Bogus Basin suffer through another year of limited snow days.

Cooking classes have resumed, as Tiziana returned in late February from her annual pilgrimage home to Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. Not only did she get some quality time with friends & family, but she once again led 2 very successful week long ski trips! Now having dusted off her chef's jacket, we've cranked up our cooking classes/demonstrations and will go full bore throughout all of March, as well as in April 2018. It will be nice to transition from our winter menus to more springtime bounty on class menus as we hit the later part of March.

Despite the fact we're now fully fledged "Empty Nesters" and taking more time to get away, we're still committed to offering a robust slate of classes each month. By adjusting the number of classes offered each week, we're basically able to schedule 10-15 cooking classes per month, no matter how many days we take for our personal pleasure. So despite quite a few milestone events this year, we'll be going strong throughout the winter, spring & summer of 2018.

With 7+ years of offering our unique culinary experiences under our belt, happy to say that interest in our cooking classes remains quite vibrant. While the rabid feeding frenzy surrounding a new monthly schedule release has certainly abated a bit and these days it takes somewhat longer to sell out all of the seats on a monthly calendar of classes, we still have had the great fortune to sell out our scheduled events each & every month. Even after offering the classes for all of these years, it's quite exciting & fulfilling to see that we're still experiencing some organic growth in our overall numbers, while our cadre of clients that visit classes on a regular monthly basis is also growing incrementally.

The crazy off-the-charts mania surrounding the release of one of our new cooking class schedules existed for well over 3+ years. While for us it meant almost instant sell-outs of our cooking classes, it meant alot of stress and frustration for many clients. Fortunately for our devotees, this means you no longer have to sign up within minutes or find yourself on the sidelines. While more work for us to shephard the sales of seats in class, the upside is a bit calmer sign-up period for our new cooking classes each month. So if you got too frustrated with the process in the past & walked away, it's a great time to re-visit our world now that the dust has settled & a bit of tranquility has returned.

In a typical month, we continue to offer our cooking classes on a regular basis every Wednesday evening as part of our Happy Hump Day series of classes. These midweek classes are paired with our long running plethora of offerings every Friday & Saturday evening, along with a smattering of Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday private & scheduled events scattered throughout any given month.

While not nearly as robust as the successful educational segment of our business, our retail food sales continue to chug along and be a contributing member of our business plan. We've trimmed the product offerings quite a bit over the last few years and during this past year retreated back to a base of only 2 retail markets for our limited line of products. Probably the biggest hit for our clients & devotees was in the Fall of 2017 when we made the decision to halt further production of our always popular monthly Limited Edition Meat-Filled Bureks. Our most sincere thanks to all of you whom were regular consumers of these monthly treats over the years.

Word of mouth and personal referrals continues to be the sole means of fueling our business growth. We'd much rather let a customer tell a friend about their own positive experience with Fuel for the Soul, than for you to hear our spin or read about us in the news. Thus, we pretty much lay low & fly well below the media radar. As we already have more demand than we can handle, we're trying to keep our growth at a very manageable level, in order to better service our incredibly loyal followers.

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