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Recipes from Current Cooking Classes

Have you been to one of our cooking
classes but lost your packet of recipes?
Or maybe you’re just looking to download one of our really delicious recipes from a class you couldn’t attend. Well, no worries.
At least once every month or so, we’ll post new recipes on our website, so your well of kitchen creativity never runs dry.

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La Mamma has gone to her treasure trove of recipes and plucked some perfect taste sensations in preparation for the transition to cooler weather & slightly weightier meals for the fall season. Got some stale bread and want to make a fabulous dessert from your "spoils"? Check out the recipe for Pane al Cioccolato, aka Tiziana's incredible Chocolate Bread Parfait. Really? Yes, REALLY! It's killer!!

And if you are looking for a savory dish to eat before diving into dessert, what could be the poster child for fall moreso than Braciole di Maiale. This hearty and tasty dish is written for boneless thin cut pork chops, but you could also use a bone-in thicker cut chop. Alittle extra pork fat & flavor from the bone-in to go along with the rainbow of flavors from the apples, fennel, leeks & sage. Like so many of Tiziana's dishes, just a few flavorful & good quality ingredients properly combined will exponentially add up to out of this world tastes.

Lest we not keep alive dreams of warm, tropical climes, the recipe archive update simply would not be complete without a couple of Thai recipes. One of my favorite Thai dishes, Yam Gop Tiam, brings together so many of the exotic flavor profiles of Siam, yet it is a truly simple dish to prepare. It's also a great dish to eat when you want to showcase one of your favorite local beers or a bottle of a fine dry Riesling from Idaho or around the Northwest.

Prefer a warm dish for the fall months? Then check out our recipe for Kao Moke Gai. This dish wanders way off the path of the "typical" dish you'll encounter at a Thai restuarant in the USA. But this chicken based dish with crispy shallots in a yellow rice brings together the essence of Thai cooking.

Fire up the printer and add these four recipes to your standard household menu. Just
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Italian Food Recipes
Braciole di Maiale - This recipe for Pork Chops with Apple, Fennel, Leeks & Sage is very emblematic of the type of foods you'll find in Northern Italy, including Tiziana's hometown of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Simple, tasty, high quality ingredients are married in such a way that the sum of the whole is much greater than the individual parts. A truly satisfying "comfort food" sort of dish. Buon Appetito!
Pane al Cioccolato - Chocolate Bread Parfait. Ok, admittedly maybe not something you think of as a "WOW", when bread is being used as the base for this dessert. HOWEVER, now instead of pitching your 1 or 2 day old Acme bread, let it serve a higher purpose. Grab the recipe and just make it happen. You'll thank yourself for taking the time to re-invent a loaf of ciabatta and transform it with a bit of the aprodisiac known as chocolate. Oh, and
the freshly whipped cream on top won't hurt the chances of bringing a smile to your face!

Thai Food Recipes
Yam Gop Tiam - Coconut Chicken Salad. This is one of those recipes that will make you marvel at the simplicity of Thai food. As long as you have a "road map" to help you learn which flavors to combine and give you a starting point for understanding the impact of the various ingredients, you'll have fool proof dishes of incredible depth & nuance to serve your family in no time. This is one such dish. Crunchy, creamy, piquant and even spicy if you'd like it that way come together in a very kid friendly dish. No kids? Fab! That just means more for you!!
Kao Moke Gait - Chicken with Crispy Shallots in Yellow Rice. Well, the English translation of this dish is admittedly not very sexy. But when you tire of the usual dishes found in a
Thai restaurant, such as Pad Thai or any of the sugared-up curry dishes, break out this recipe for an off the beaten path Thai recipe. You'll experience of melange of tropical flavors that will brighten your soul on an overcast & rainy day. Enjoy.