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Cooking for Kids

You’ve been in & around the kitchen for a fair amount of years & are probably able to navigate your way to a finished product. But what about your kids? It’s our belief that cooking skills, like learning languages, when acquired at a young age will blossom more naturally & remain a vibrant, functioning part of who you are throughout your adult life.

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To that end, Fuel for the Soul not only offers more traditional cooking classes for our adult fans & followers, but we showcase a limited series of classes tailored to our young emerging chefs & bakers (10 years
& older). Our Cooking Classes Just for Kids program has been formulated to not only teach kids the basic cooking/baking skills & techniques, but to build confidence & self-esteem from working in the kitchen.

Wearing comfy duds appropriate for kitchen work, kids are dropped off for a 2-1/2 to 3 hour period of time. Selected cooking class menus are age appropriate, as the kids will actually do all of the work under the watchful eye of Chef Tiziana. Each cooking class offers focused instruction on knife skills, safe food handling & preparation of all ingredients specific to the menu. When parents arrive for pick-up, all of the gastronomic pleasures whipped up by their children will be brought home as the centerpieces of your evening meal - enough
food to feed a family of four. Got a bigger brood? Just give Chef Tiziana a call to work out any extra costs for additional portions.

Baking classes take place during the Holiday Season and offer the opportunity for kids to bake 2 different types of pies or a "boat-load" of holiday cookies! Same basic format as
our cooking classes where the kids receive instruction but do ALL of the hands-on work.


**PLEASE NOTE: Effective December 1, 2015, we made the decision to discontinue offering any further Cooking Classes Just for Kids. The kids classes had been suspended over the last 3 years due to the production demands of our retail products & trying to keep up with the enthusiasm for our adult cooking classes. As we didn't want to stretch the limit any further, to which we pushed ourselves daily for work endeavors, we closed the chapter once & for all on the kids classes. Continuing the kids classes at this point would begin to detract too significantly from our family life and that to us is sacrosanct ground.

So, we'll concentrate our efforts on supporting the retail food business & sustaining the adult cooking classes at our desired level of "perfection". We truly enjoyed holding these classes for kids and will miss watching the skills of young chefs unfold. Our thanks to all of you that supported these classes during their run of time.

If you have a "morbid curiousity" to see what we offered when the classes were active, you can click here for the November - December 2012 Cooking Classes Just for Kids schedule to see the types of offerings we've had in the past.