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Cooking with Chef Titti

For many years now, Chef Titti has empowered an ever expanding cadre
of amateur chefs, adults & kids alike, to
hone their culinary skills & create edible masterpieces from scratch. Under her
masterful tutelage in these relaxed & very intimate cooking classes, she’ll help you discover your culinary chi - that true chef buried deep inside your soul.

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Fuel for the Soul aims to shatter the myth that only professional chefs, with years of training & experience in the kitchen, are able to master the creation of wonderful foods. Our mission at Fuel for the Soul is to not only make our artisan gourmet foods available for you in the retail marketplace, but teach you how to prepare your own high quality, fresh, wholesome meals on a daily basis.

Come join us on a magical journey into the culinary world of Chef Tiziana. Each month we offer a fantastic new itinerary for globe trotting via our series of intimate, instructional Thai
& Italian cooking classes. We’ll unearth exotic flavors from various parts of the world and breakdown recipes into simple, easy to replicate menus. Our scheduled classes are typically offered on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings, in addition to a variety of private classes hosted each month. All of our classes or dinner events are held in our recently built company HQ located in Boise's North End. Each class offers you the opportunity to prepare new recipes and learn a plethora of cooking techiques, as well as share a full 3-5 course meal with friends new & old. Our Italian & Thai cooking classes, as well as any special classes for Middle Eastern/Persian or North African Inspired Cuisine, are still billed at the cost of only $65.00 per person.

For both our new & established clients, we thank you for your interest, whether it's been to experience your first class or one in a long list of classes over the years. We are now officially closing our doors as we head into our next chapter of life (retirement!). While we'll still call Boise home, we will be spending alot of time away as we travel the U.S and far flung parts unknown across the globe. We'll be spending alot of time in our "2nd home" in Italy, as we return Ms. Lancedelli to her hometown of Cortina d'Ampezzo. What better place to have as our base of operation for explorations across Europe!

While I'm not wiping the website clean for now, it will eventually transition to a "blog" in order to keep you all posted on our whereabouts. We'll send out at least quarterly updates regarding our travels, as well as using this site for a food & wine blog. In the immediate future, this will also be the spot to keep tabs on our upcoming home sale along with info on the sale of most of our worldly possessions.

In that mode, we've prepared a couple of brochures on the furniture/stereo/household items that we are selling. The first brochure is exclusively comprised of our Artisan Custom furniture, along with our Stickley heirloom pieces. All of the furniture pieces in this brochure are done in cherry wood and feature the highest level of craftsmanship. As these are all truly heirloom pieces to stand the test of time, these are not your bargain basement prices. Should these unique pieces not sell for an appropriate amount, we plan on moving them to San Diego in order to sell them there.

The second brochure also includes custom furniture pieces, as well as unique pieces of furniture either used in class or for our personnel living. Additionally, this is where you'll find a variety of audiophile stereo equipment and various household products, such as mixers, blenders, etc.

With all of the items offered for sale, here's how things will work. Given we need the furniture pieces & stereo equipment for "staging" our home for sale, those items would not be immediately available. As soon as we know that our house has sold and will definitely clear escrow, we'll set-up times for folks to come retrieve their purchases. We will ask for a 50% down payment/earnest money for any of the items you wish to purchase. Balance will be due upon pick-up of your purchases. And of course, we'll fully guarantee that any item you've purchased but are not able to take home immediately, will be in the same condition when you finally are able to take home your new treasures.

So without further ado, here is the information on the Stickley heirloom pieces, as well as our other Custom Artisan furniture - SALES BROCHURE #1.

And for a variety of audiophile stereo equipment, additonal custom furniture pieces, household items (i.e. mixers, Vitamix Blender, etc.) and various other furniture pieces (full size beds, small computer desk, recycled teak patio dining table, recycled teak bar stools, etc.), here is that information - SALES BROCHURE #2.

If you see an item of interest, please don't hesitate to reach out either by e-mail or phone to get more detais (i.e. dimensions), additional photos or to set up a time to come see the item(s) of interest in "living color". We're happy to accommodate visits to get an "upclose & personal view" of your potential purchase. You can either reach out to Joel at 208-781-0852 cell or joel@fuelforthesoulboise.com, as well as Tiziana at 208-781-1227 or Tiziana@fuelforthesoulboise.com.

We truly can't thank you all enough for the joys, happiness & laughter that has been an integral part of our lives during the last 8+ year of classes. While I know many of you are very "bummed" that we are going, just know this is not an easy process for us either. These classes have been our pipeline to meeting so many special & wonderful people during our 1st 9 years in Boise. Indeed, a rather sorrowful & bittersweet time for both Tiziana & I.

In the future, when we are not in Boise, visiting other parts of the U.S. or travelling abroad, we will be spending a fair amount of time in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. While in Italy, our intention is to continue our ever so popular Winter Ski Trips in Italy, which take place in late January & early February. Our desire is to have the ski trips each and every year for 2-4 weeks each January/February. So stay tuned to these pages for annual information on these fantastic guided adventures.

By the summer of 2020, we are hoping to introduce our summer getaway version to Cortina d'Ampezzo & the Dolomiti of Italy. Still in the formative stages, these trips will include hiking thru the Italian Alps, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, cooking classes and visits to wineries & noteworthy sites in the various surrounding regions. We will keep you updated on the progress towards formalizing these trips both on this website and our Facebook page. In the coming months, the look & feel of our website will become a bit different as we transition to more of a travel blog and info on our winter & summer trips. This transition will begin during 2019, so keep your eyes peeled.

And remember, the best way to stay in touch for future Fuel for the Soul travel offerings is to make sure you are on our mailing list. You'll not only receive updates on our whereabouts & global travels, but information on the summer & winter trips to be offered out of our base in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. All trips will be housed in the family mountain lodge or Rifugio known as Duca d'Aosta. To be added to our Fuel for the Soul mailing list, simply click on the "Newsletter" button below & you'll be taken to our Fuel for the Soul signup form.

And last but not least, be sure to check our Facebook page for the updates on what's happening in the world of Tiziana & Joel. Peace & Happiness to all of our Boise/Treasure Valley compadres! THANKS FOR AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY!