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Cooking with Chef Titti

For many years now, Chef Titti has empowered an ever expanding cadre
of amateur chefs, adults & kids alike, to
hone their culinary skills & create edible masterpieces from scratch. Under her
masterful tutelage in these relaxed & very intimate cooking classes, she’ll help you discover your culinary chi - that true chef buried deep inside your soul.

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Fuel for the Soul aims to shatter the myth that only professional chefs, with years of training & experience in the kitchen, are able to master the creation of wonderful foods. Our mission at Fuel for the Soul is to not only make our artisan gourmet foods available for you in the retail marketplace, but teach you how to prepare your own high quality, fresh, wholesome meals on a daily basis.

Come join us on a magical journey into the culinary world of Chef Tiziana. Each month we offer a fantastic new itinerary for globe trotting via our series of intimate, instructional Thai
& Italian cooking classes. We’ll unearth exotic flavors from various parts of the world and breakdown recipes into simple, easy to replicate menus. Our scheduled classes are typically offered on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings, as we also conduct a variety of private classes each month. All of our classes or dinner events are held in our recently built company HQ located in Boise's North End. Each class offers you the opportunity to prepare new recipes and learn a plethora of cooking techiques, as well as share a full 3-5 course meal with friends new & old. Both our Italian & Thai cooking classes cost $60.00 per person.

March 2014 Update:
Well it's been said that April showers bring May flowers, but the rains & warmer weather
of the past few weeks are readying Tulips for a near term bloom. While this may not have been the most snow filled winter, our approach to spring has been rather wet and is a welcome relief for our resevoirs. Many are beginning to shed the vestiges of winter and come out of their hibernating.

The result is a phenomenal interest in our cooking classes, whether to actually learn new dishes & techniques, or just come fill up on some of Tiziana's gastronomic wonders. Let Fuel for the Soul be your gateway to the upcoming wonders of Spring & Summer foods. Come join our roster of over 1,900 foodies to eat & laugh your way into the sunnier and warmer months ahead.

Regarding notification of upcoming classes, our modus operandi is to first send out our class schedule to those on our client mailing list. After a 10-14 day preview, we'll post to this website and our Facebook page. However, by the time you see the new menus here, classes are almost sure to be sold out. And yes, this is indeed the situation for March as we have nary an open seat. I'm only including the menus for March 2014, so those new to the website and not on our mailing list can see the types of menus offered in our classes. Just click the link to see the menus we are offering during the month of March 2014.

While it may sound as if I'm repeating myself (and technically I am), yes, we are also completely SOLD OUT for the full roster of cooking classes offered in April 2014. Here's
a peek at what was offered for April 2014. Take a look at the schedules for March & April and you'll get a good idea of what to expect for May 2014. We'll be releasing the May cooking class schedule on Monday March 17, 2014 at 12 Noon sharp. Stay tuned!

So remember, the best way to get a leg up on booking a class is to make sure you are on our mailing list. You'll receive a 10-14 day preview of the upcoming class schedule & thus the best opportunity (and in reality probably the only chance) for booking a seat before the classes are released to the general public. To be added to our Fuel for the Soul mailing list, simply drop me a line at joel@fuelforthesoulboise.com.

Given how quickly the classes typically sell out, we keep a current list of class availability on our Facebook page (if any). It is updated as many times as required on a daily basis if need be. So if you want the most up-to-date count of seat availability for any given class in a particular month,especially in the few days right after the release of any month's schedule, visit our Facebook page for more info. And while you're there, take 2 extra seconds to LIKE our page & business. THANKS!