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Hey there, what's on your mind?

Give us a shout & let us know what’s brewing in your cranium. We’d luv to hear any random thoughts you want to share or pearls of wisdom specific to our company, such as feedback on products, compliments or complaints. We thrive on your constructive criticism as it ultimately makes us a better business…..for you! So give us a shout - foodies@fuelforthesoulboise.com.

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Need to book a cooking class with Chef Tiziana? Ready to place an order to re-stock your larder? Maybe you’re thinking about some catering needs or require a personal chef to handle your next intimate affair? Chef Tiziana is all ears, so just ping her at tiziana@fuelforthesoulboise.com.

For business related matters, whether you need to discuss vendor pricing, deliveries, insurance, legal or financial issues, Joel is the resident receptacle. Heck, he’ll even pontificate about the fine points of copywriting or dishwashing. Hit him up at joel@fuelforthesoulboise.com. If he likes what you have to say, he’ll be sure to get back to you right away!

Problems in the kitchen & too embarrassed to call? Contact La Mamma when you want to discuss cooking techniques, have questions on where to source ingredients locally or are just looking to scam a new recipe from the latest cooking class you DIDN’T take. Our resident “mom” is waiting for your note! llamamma@fuelforthesoulboise.com.


Can’t figure out the who, what, why or where of the Give us a Shout hierarchy? Then send your e-mail with any general questions or comments to informazione@fuelforthesoulboise.com.

Still like snail mail? Feel free to drop us a note at the adress below. Or just want to converse with a real person - maybe ask a few questions about our products or cooking classes? We're happy to talk with you anytime - just give us a shout!
Fuel for the Soul
1941 N. 18th Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

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(208) 781-0852 Joel's Cell

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