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Fuel for the Soul offers a new twist on foods of convenience with our gourmet line of regular or Gluten Free sweet & savory products.  Handmade artisan treats without any preservatives means you can finally eat healthy food on the run.  Absent chemicals to achieve a longer shelf life, our fully cooked delectable delights can only be found in the freezer section of your local market.  So when you're ready to heat & eat, you'll still be able to capture the wholesome goodness of freshly baked products.

While we will introduce new products every so often, we want to focus on a small core group of foods that we do right and are a treat for you to eat. Our desire is to grow the business a bit, but hew to our roots of being a small, community based family business. We hope one day to diversify beyond traditional & specialty markets, so you'll have more outlets where you can enjoy our natural foods, whether it be a café, coffee shop or wine bar.

Our home is in Boise, thus the immediate surroundings of our Treasure Valley community will be our primary focus. However, we are happily embracing the warm welcome that we've received from our foodie brethren in the Sun Valley area and look forward to supplying the Ketchum/Hailey/Bellevue areas with some fuel for their souls.

Our goal is to simplify your life & nurture your soul. So grab some of our healthy, globally inspired cuisine to eat while you're out & about or even just relaxing in the comfort of your home. Become you own best friend & treat yourself today to the incredible artisan delights from the kitchen of Fuel for the Soul.